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1969 Sci. News 95 159/1. Teller. . urged that Australia act as a proving ground for nuclear geoengineering. 1976 C. Marchetti, Geoengineering & CO2 Probl. p. iii. Geoengineering. . is a kind of ‘system synthesis’ where solutions to global problems are attempted from a global view. 1983 T. Hoyle, Last Gasp iv. 51. The Russians are keen to find out everything they can about what affects the climate because of their grandiose geoengineering schemes. 1994 Guardian 17 Mar. 94. The market can supply appropriate geoengineering—for example, companies launching mirrors into space to deflect sunlight.

The performance of deep geological storage during long timescales is often the subject of debate. There is an element of dual standards in such discussions when, for example, a reforestation proposition is regarded as more secure carbon storage them deep injection of CO2. We suggest that forests can be significantly liable to 100% loss of carbon by fire or drought and that is regarded as acceptable. Whereas by contrast geologically stored CO2 is unlikely to leak, but monitoring technologies struggle to detect leakage rates of 1% per 1000 years, and this is sometimes regarded as unacceptable.

However, several existing frameworks are thought to have relevance to some types of geoengineering, for example: The Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter (1972) might be applied to iron fertilization of the oceans, and The Environmental Modification Convention (1978) could potentially be applied more widely to geoengineering schemes in general. In common with the effects of climate change. the effects of geoengineering are likely to be unevenly distributed globally.

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