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By Stavros Frangoulidis

This quantity pursues a key subject within the present research of Latin literature - the best way literary texts of all sessions in Latin, whereas often written in an identifiable style, commonly allude to and have interaction with different genres. It pushes study ahead via delivering a vast variety of reports focusing on the polyphonic nature of Latin literary texts, either exemplifying fresh theoretical advances and suggesting extra strains of argument. it is going to entice classical students, scholars of classical literature and literary students quite often.

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46 – 56 Homer, Hesiod, Antimachus, Panyassis, Apollonius, Aratus, Theocritus (admirabilis in suo genere), Pisander, Nicander, Euphorion (D. H. Imit. fr. ) p. 204 UR gives Homer, Hesiod, Antimachus, Panyassis); 85 – 92 Virgil, Macer, Lucretius, Varro Atax, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Cornelius Severus, Serranus, Valerius Flaccus, Saleius Bassus, Rabirius, Albinovanus Pedo, Domitian. 65 – 72). Nicander refers to Hesiod at the beginning of the Theriaca (10 – 12); at the end he calls himself Ὁμηρείοιο … Νικάνδροιο (957).

S. 59, 196 – 211. — (2010), ‘Poetry, Greek: Overview to 1 BCE’, in: M. ), The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome, New York and Oxford, vol. 5, 335 – 342. — (2012), ‘Booking Lovers: Desire and Design in Catullus’, in: I. Du Quesnay and A. J. ), Catullus: Poems, Books, Readers, Cambridge, 48 – 78. — (2013) [forthcoming], Greek to Latin: Frameworks and Contexts for Intertextuality, Oxford. Itsumi, K. (2009), Pindaric Metre: The ‘Other Half’, Oxford. Iversen, P. A. s. 61, 186 – 191. Kondoleon, C.

40, 67– 68). There is no doubt that tragedy and comedy are seen as forming a pair. The evidence is superabundant; but one could single out comedy’s joking name for itself, τρυγωιδία (Ar. Ach. ), and Plato’s conception of life and τοῖϲ δράμαϲι as mingling tragedy and comedy (Phlb. 50b1– 4). Quintilian dwells on Menander’s great debt to Euripides (Inst. 69 hunc [sc. Euripides] et admiratus maxime est, ut saepe testatur, et secutus, quamquam in opere diuerso, Menander; the separation of the genres is thus stressed).

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