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Not until the early 1980s, in response to protests by Christian and women's groups, was the system gradually phased out. Similarly, on the national security front, the easy availability of prostitutes around military camp towns was, and still is, part and parcel of joint security agreements with the United States. As Moon (1997) argues, part of the price of maintaining the Cold War alliance was the personal insecurity and exploitation of thousands of young women, for whom the government provided protection or rehabilitation services.

Drawing on the nineteenth century Tonghak revolutionaries' philosophy of tongdo siigi (technology of the West, morality of the East), the Park regime made a concerted effort to (selectively) revive Confucian traditions. Notions of filial piety, the complementary but unequal relationship between the sexes, loyalty to the state and its leaders, and privileging of the collective over individual interests were all harnessed to foster a stronger sense of national identity and counter the influx of Western values perceived as a threat to Korea's still precarious social stability (Kim K.

In cases where international influence is interpreted as Western imperialism, however, they are likely to play a less positive role. In the Eastern European context, for example, international feminist efforts have been perceived as unwanted interference, with little relevance to local social, political, and economic experiences (Jaquette and Wolchik, 1998: 4). Although the significance of advances in gendered notions of citizenship and conventions has clearly increased over the last two decades, we should also bear in mind that international forums and ties do not only benefit progressive groups.

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