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By Lou Charnon-Deutsch

Making use of contemporary eu and Anglo-American feminist scholarship to the issues of gender illustration, Charnon-Deutsch demanding situations the present concept that the 19th-century Spanish novel is lady situated. The author's exam of novels by way of Valera, Pereda, unluckily, and Galdos demonstrates that those works are as a substitute a fancy exploration of male identification. interpreting the gender ideology of women's roles, discourse, and representations, Charnon-Deutsch uncovers within the novels a number of configurations of androcentricity in addition to voyeuristic developments, which she translates as a way of gaining knowledge of what's threatening to the male psyche.

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For example, Luis claims that Pepita's eyes are not intended as weapons to captivate with electrical force, rather they look down on all with equal sweetness and benevolence. Yet this Madonna image is preceded by a reference to Circe, the goddess of evil spells and enchantments and of an unmistakably degrading love. At every step the Madonna version of the eternal feminine clashes with the Circe model, which symbolizes man's struggle to distance himself from the bestializing influence of the feminine.

1 Seen together and in their 24 Gender and Representation proper sequence, these allusions function as a progress report on Luis's awakening libido, his simultaneous role-transformation, and the role he subconsciously plays in the making or shaping of the ideal Pepita. The progression may have been unintended, but it is nevertheless remarkably consistent. The persistent references to biblical and mythological figures and scenarios are the commonplace displacements that lend meaning and contour to man's sexual desire.

Su cara, algo pálida y con ojeras, si bien llena de juventud, lozanía y frescura, parecía más bella con el mal que le robaba colores" (PJ 48). Other times, as José Ruano de la Haza convincingly argues, the ideas, irony, humor, and sensuality of the Paralipómenos, could be more appropriately attributed to Don Pedro (PJ 31). Clearly, the problem of the Paralipómenos's narrator is related to the roles Pepita Jiménez represents in the lives of the town's inhabitants. She is many things to many people.

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