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By Loren K. Wiseman

"The tale facilities round the related characters who lately recaptured SSN 705 urban of Corpus Christi within the prior module, The final Submarine. The characters take the Corpus Christi on a venture of maximum value around the Mediterranean, throughout the Dardanelles to Romania, preventing alongside how to practice a number of additional chores for Milgov.

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They will be armed with a diverse assortment of shotguns, handguns, sporting rifles, and military weapons. Personalities The referee may generate Romanian NPCs as needed. VLAD DRAKUL Vlad Drakul is a pseudonym assumed by Ion Dascalescu, a former Romanian army officer, when he became leader of one of the largest bands of anti-Soviet partisans. The name is taken from a medieval Romanian warlord, Vlad Tepes, who was called Vlad Drakul (Vlad the Dragon) because of his bloody and destructive campaigns against invaders.

Page 29 marine. With the ship's landing party dead, Commander Sacks would continue the mission, ignorant of the presence of a spy aboard. The remainder of the land mission will be anticlimactic: They will find Haddad and return to the boat. Referee's Note: Ibrahim Haddad is not important to the plot, and no illustration or characteristics are provided for him. The referee is free to generate motivations for him, he desires to do so. SABOTAGE We landed on the Libyan coast and were preparing to conceal the boats when Peterson noticed something funny.

Hunters: The encounter is with a party of 1 D6 civilians, foraging for food. The Spy The identity of the spy will occupy the players' attention for quite some time. Before too much discussion occurs, the referee should encourage them to complete their present mission, at least as far as locating Haddad. They can then be allowed to formulate a plan for dealing with the spy. The referee's actions Ez Zauia Page 31 Mediterranean Cruise will be dictated largely by what the players decide to do. Will they return to the boat and announce that there was an attempt on their lives?

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