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By Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's picture is so common that we can't support yet think that we all know all there's to grasp of her. each be aware and gesture made headlines and garnered controversy. Her severe presents as an actor have been occasionally eclipsed by way of her notoriety -- and how the digicam fell helplessly in love together with her.

But what of the opposite Marilyn? past the headlines -- and the too-familiar tales of heartbreak and desolation -- used to be a girl way more curious, looking and hopeful than the single the realm acquired to grasp. whilst Hollywood studios attempted to mildew and suppress her, Marilyn by no means misplaced her perception, her ardour, and her humour. To confront the mounting problems of her existence, she wrote.

Now, for the 1st time, we will be able to meet this deepest Marilyn and get to understand her in a manner we by no means have sooner than. Fragments is an extraordinary number of written artifacts -- notes to herself, letters, even poems -- in Marilyn's personal handwriting, by no means ahead of released, besides hardly obvious intimate images. those bits of textual content -- jotted in notebooks, typed on paper or written on lodge letterhead -- display a girl who enjoyed deeply and strove to ideal her craft. They exhibit a Marilyn Monroe unsparing in her research of her personal existence, but additionally playful, humorous and impossibly captivating. the simple grace and misleading lightness that made her performances so memorable emerge at the web page, as does the simmering tragedy that made her final appearances so heartbreaking.

Fragments is an occasion -- an unforgettable booklet that might redefine one of many maximum stars of the 20th century and which, approximately fifty years after her demise, will definitively demonstrate Marilyn Monroe's humanity.

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