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By Professor Alexander Regier

What affiliates fragmentation with Romanticism? during this e-book, Alexander Regier explains how fracture and fragmentation shape a lens in which a few imperative issues of Romanticism will be analysed in a very powerful manner. those different types additionally provide a serious framework for a dialogue of basic matters bearing on language and proposal within the interval. Over the process the amount, Regier discusses fracture and fragmentation thematically and structurally, providing new readings of Wordsworth, Kant, Burke, Keats, and De Quincey, in addition to analysing primary highbrow presuppositions of the interval. He additionally highlights Romanticism's significance for modern scholarship, particularly within the writings of Benjamin and de guy. extra quite often, Regier's dialogue of fragmentation exposes a philosophical challenge that lies at the back of the definition of Romanticism.

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B, 71), thus suggesting that the power of deciphering has itself a poetical quality to it. However, the reading of this passage is not as straightforward as this first glance might indicate. 15 Until then it is elaborate and intricate, but not convoluted. Suddenly, it is not clear grammatically what certain parts of the sentence refer to. Presumably it is the eye which finds ‘no surface where its power might sleep’. But the narrator has already lost the initial localised metaphor which dealt with ‘a stone, a tree, a withered leaf’.

For all their differences, these critical discussions centre on the fragment as a (mostly literary or philosophical) genre. In fact, the two most acclaimed monographs exploring this dimension in the study of British Romanticism starkly enact a critical dichotomy regarding the question of genre. ’28 McFarland’s account takes an eclectic range of European theorisations of the fragment as a basis for an engagement with Wordsworth and Coleridge. While presenting an impressive number of sources on the fragment, McFarland comes close to homogenising them, so as to fit his specific narrative about the interdependence of Wordsworth and Coleridge.

The book closes with an explanation of why the assumed weakness of such an account might be better understood as a part of its methodological strength. chapter 1 A brotherhood is broken: Babel and the fragmentation of language nature’s mourning and wordsworth’s the ruined cottage And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this [the building of the Tower of Babel] they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

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