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They have been blessed by way of the gods at beginning with wealth and privilege. In a time of cataclysmic upheaval, a daring new new release of Romans vied for greatness amid the disintegrating remnants in their loved Republic. yet there has been person who towered above all of them -- a super and lovely boy whose ambition was once unequaled, whose love was once legend and whose glory was once Rome's. A boy they might sooner or later name "Caesar."

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One of the most intriguing epics in history . . A fascinating and surprisingly fast-moving story about some of the most interesting figures in a most important era" Virginian Pilot and Ledger-Star "GLORIOUS ... AMBITIOUS ... QUITE ENTERTAINING ... " Washington Post Book World "RIVETING ... FASCINATING ... A creative colossus . . " Baltimore Sun "A COMPELLING STORY ... EXCITING ENTERTAINING ... INTRIGUING ... Artfully composed" Chicago Tribune "BRILLIANT ... FRESH ... OUTSTANDING ... REMARKABLE ...

123 Gaius Gracchus tribune of the plebs. 122 Gaius Gracchus tribune of the plebs again. 121 Senate passed first-ever Ultimate Decree to deal with Gaius Gracchus: he suicided, his followers were executed. 121 King Mithridates V of Pontus murdered by his wife. Young Mithridates fled to mountains to hide. 120 Homelands of German Cimbri and Teutones inundated. The great migration began. 129 Gaius Marius, tribune of the plebs, passed a lex Maria to narrow voting gangways (making bribery more difficult).

S. Copyright Law. , 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10019. First Avon Books Printing: June 1994 AVON TRADEMARK REG. S. PAT. OFF. A. A. OPM 10 987654321 For Lieutenant Colonel the Reverend A. C. ) ca. 1100 A refugee from Troy, Aeneas established himself in Latium. Son. Iulus, became King of Alba Longa. 753-775 Romulus first King of Rome: built the Palatine city. 715-673 Numa Pompilius second King: created 100 senators, priestly colleges, made 10-month year a 12-month year. 673-642 Tullus Hostilius third King: built Senate House.

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