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By Hyun Chul Paul Kim, J. Todd Hibbard

Isaiah 24–27, the so-called Isaiah Apocalypse, is frequently considered as one of many most up-to-date sections extra to the publication of Isaiah. The formation and interpretation of those chapters are widely known as vital issues for figuring out the compositional background of Isaiah, rising spiritual inspiration within the Persian interval, and scribal options for overdue biblical fabrics. The essays during this quantity discover those and different vital problems with Isaiah 24–27 in mild of the ample contemporary study on those chapters. additionally, this quantity outlines new instructions ahead for examine on those pivotal chapters and their position in Isaiah and the prophetic literature more often than not.

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For example, noun patterns ending in ‫ ־וּת‬have been classified as an LBH marker,28 and the uncommon term ‫ גֵּ אוּת‬occurs in 26:10. It occurs roughly half a dozen other times in BH, all in poetry; and since four of those are in Isa 9:7, 12:5, and 28:1, 3, it is in no way a clear marker of lateness. 29 Shalom Paul, in a study of late forms in Isa 40–66, includes the high ratio of pronominally suffixed verbs to occurrences of ‫ את‬as a marker of lateness, but it is not. 30 As a means of studying the phenomenon, I looked at suffixed and unsuffixed occurrences of ‫ את‬in Isaiah and the Psalms.

Smyth & Helwys, 2010), 258–60, 367–70. KIM: CITY, EARTH, AND EMPIRE IN ISAIAH 24–27 35 and land/earth, will be assessed as well. These analyses reveal the double function of Isa 24–27: on the one hand, with regard to Isa 13–23, this section picks up the themes of judgment against the nations and employs the polemics against empires through the mythological motifs; on the other hand, with regard to Isa 28–33, this section intensifies the anonymity of the city and earth, thereby paving the smooth transition for the theme of the righteous versus the wicked within the internal religiopolitical struggles for the following section.

Seow, A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew (Nashville: Abingdon, 1995), 157. ”31 Levin holds that LBH only emerged two centuries after the exile, which is when he places the composition of Chronicles-Ezra-Nehemiah. ”32 It would be surprising if Levin’s claim were correct, not only because diachrony has been widely observed in BH, but also because it would be highly unusual for a language to remain unchanged. 34 Indeed, that claim was until very recently a linchpin in the arguments against linguistic dating; but closer recent analyses contradict it.

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