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By Jean-Louis Boulanger

This ebook offers real-world examples of formal options in an business context. It covers formal equipment similar to SCADE and/or the B approach, in a variety of fields similar to railways, aeronautics, and the automobile undefined. the aim of this ebook is to give a precis of expertise at the use of “formal equipment” (based on formal innovations resembling evidence, summary interpretation and model-checking) in commercial examples of complicated platforms, according to the event of individuals at present desirous about the construction and overview of defense serious approach software program. The involvement of individuals from in the permits the authors to prevent the standard confidentiality difficulties that could come up and hence permits them to provide new valuable details (photos, structure plans, actual examples, etc.).

The authors hide the next subject matters: an instance of use of SCADE, constraint fixing in B, validation of Petri Nets-based computerized rail protection, info validation, etc.

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The line is managed by an automatic line pilot (PA-Ligne) and is divided into automation sections [LEC 96]. The control system is thus made up of three software applications developed with the B method and with a safety level of SSIL3-SSIL4 as specified by the standard CENELEC EN 50128 [CEN 01, CEN 11]8 It is noteworthy that since SAET-METEOR began operation in 1998, the safety software has had no problems, so that no change to the safety software has been necessary. 7 “Communication Based Train Control”: an operation, driving and safety system for trains and metros.

However, the production of a qualification report for a code generator and/or a proof tool is not an easy task. 5. 1. 6 provides information on the complexity of the B developments carried out in the railway sector. The table does not describe all of the railway applications that have been created using the B method, but it allows us to take stock of the complexity of the developments created with the B method. 6. 2. 1. The current situation The B method was initially used for railways. As opposed to SafetyCritical Application Development Environment (SCADE) (see [BOU 12b, Chapter 2]), which is based on an equational language, the B method was defined for the description of sequential, non-interruptible programs.

10). 10. 11, the process consists of writing a modeling of the problem, simple and abstract. Then, to this modeling, as the stages known as refinement progress [MOR 90], we add more concrete and more complex elements, all the while proving the coherence of the new models created. 11. Development cycle with the B method Implementation, the final stage, is free from abstract types of original data, which have become programmable structures such as tables and files. The following have been eliminated: the preconditions of subprograms, and the simultaneity and the non-determinism that were present in the abstract model.

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