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This paintings is an research of the literary type of the biblical publication of Jonah. beginning with a close research of notice utilization (repetition of phrases and words, the constitution of person chapters and of the publication as a complete, using quotations from in different places within the Bible), it examines the connection among those parts and the information the tale itself conveys. Noting the extensive range of opinion as to the nature of Jonah and the aim of the publication, it demonstrates the assets of those ambiguities within the textual content itself and indicates a brand new method of interpretation.

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1Jl~ 1m n•w•,n o•1~ nn o•~7K 1D'1 10'1 10•1 10'1 2:1 4:6 4:7 4:8 And YHWH appointed a great fish to swallow Jonah. (2:1) And YHWH Elohim appointed a gourd ... that it might be a shade over his head, to deliver him from his evil. (4:6) And HaElohim appointed a worm ... and it smote the gourd. (4:7) And Elohim appointed a vehement East wind; and the sun smote his head .... (4:8) The fish that saves Jonah's life, and gives him another chance to repent and fulfil his mission, is sent by YHWH (123).

11 Here the term O'i17N7 has been translated as if a form of hyperbole is intended - even by God's reckoning it would be a great city (98). Yet if one traces the 11 growing 11 designations of Nineveh, the inner logic of this phrase becomes apparant. i1711li1 ,,~il i11J'l 7N 17 Olv 1:2, 3:2 O'i17N7 i1711l ,,~ ~n'il i11J'j1 3:3 il~ W' ~N ~711li1 ,'Yil i11J'J '7~ OlnK N7 'lNl 4:11 ••••• 01N ,~, il,gy o•nwo il:::l,il At first we only know of Nineveh's size and its wickedness that has risen to God - perhaps because at the beginning these are the only matters of direct concern to Jonah.

By using the same verbal form, with two different subjects, he brings them into contrast: Jonah in response to God's command - the king in response to God's threat; the king' s concern that the city be spared, at considerable discomfort to himself - Jonah's concern that it be destroyed, while he himself is comfortable (33). A variant of the same technique is used to compare, and thus ·identify with one another, the two groups of pagans mentioned in the story - the sailors and the Ninevites. Both "call out in prayer" to God using the verb tnv (34) (1 :14; 3:8); both use the same verb i7Yl -though, as we shall see below (35), with contrasting meanings.

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