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By Judy Griffin

STEP INTO THE LAND OF THYME, an international the place fairies use plant life and vegetation for therapeutic and common wellbeing and fitness. Interwoven into this pleasant narrative is essential details at the advantages that vegetation and crops supply achieve optimum healthiness. because the tale unfolds, you'll how one can: · use aromatherapy, flower essences, herbs, and food to catalyze therapeutic · distill crucial oils and flower essences to advertise rest and regeneration · formulate traditional skincare for radiant beauty and health · arrange natural tonics and teas to augment power and immunity · brew tonics for each woman criticism, from menses to menopause · type normal puppy care and bug repellents

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Since lemon grass works on insects, it should also repel the giant knights! All’s Quiet on the Fairy Front The time had come for the fairies to execute their mission. The fighting force was prepared for takeoff. The fairies gathered to send them off, equipped with hankies to catch their tears. A fairy ring was formed atop mushrooms to silently affirm a safe landing and return. The remaining flowers bowed in reverence as the bees prepared to fly overhead in a twenty-one-stinger salute. The valiant Fairy Navy SEALs winked at each other as they were given a few drops of Indian paintbrush essence by their crew chief to ensure success.

Trees, plants and their flowers were my friends who danced with me in the moonlight and sparkled with dew in the sunlight. The flowers bloomed just for me and communicated special messages that made me giggle with delight. Plants were as real to me as people. I called them each by a special name and told them all my troubles as I reached over to sniff their beautiful fragrances and gaze at their dazzling colors. I instinctively knew that flowers could “see” us and understand how I felt and what I was thinking about.

His pants were too tight to carry candy in his pockets. He had tried it once and still harbored memories of many long hours trying to get out the candy. Nimbus didn’t want to keep Sweet Tooth waiting. This was his chance to make a favorable impression on her! He reached into his knapsack and dug out a handful of chocolates. He watched in awe as she ate every one. Oh well, for some reason he wasn’t hungry. Anyway, he was thoroughly enjoying every moment of her graceful hand-to-mouth movements. ” she asked as she licked her dainty fingertips.

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