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Storage Mass (tons) Heat Capacity (BID/ Lb-°F) 0 0 0 October November December January February March Apr! ) Q 294 506 582 733 662 564 276 71 120 144 185 184 140 68 223 386 438 548 438 424 208 no 28 82 % of Code Heat Loss ENVELOPE CHARACTERISTICS Floor Area (sq. ) Surface Area (sq. ) Surface area/ Volume Ratio % Earth Sheltered Total Glass Area (sq. 24 YES 23 System Costs Auxiliary Fuel ActuaI AuxiIiary Heat October November December January February March Apri I (71) 93 1 13 123 117 100 83 Annual Total (I03 BTU/ Ft2) 21 % of Heat Loss As Bui It 11% FueI: Wood 0 Electricity Combined Systems 21 Costs CONSERVATION I nsulation: Cei I ing $ 814 Wai Is - Above Grade 955 - Below Grade 684 Windows - T r i p l e Pane 324 Structure (2X8 Wai Is) 462 Inf i Itration: Vapor Barrier Caulking 142 471 Mechanical Equipment: Heat Exchanger S m a l l e r Furnace 640 -270 $4222 Total Cost 6 170 Cost/106BTU/Year $ 25 BTU Savings (10 BTU/Year) PASSIVE Total Cost BTU Savings (10 BTU/Year) 6 Cost/10 BTU/Year 0 11 0 COMBINED SYSTEMS Total Cost BTU Savings ( 106BTU/Year) 6 Cost/1 0 BTU/Year 24 $4222 181 23 System Impacts Actual vs.

Baker's base horizontal surface measurements which were then converted to energy incident on vertical surfaces by using the Bowes transformation procedure. These levels do not account for discrepancies in local cloud cover conditions. Duluth might deviate most in this regard due to its location adjacent to Lake Superior. The impact of potential differences in insolation levels are perhaps less crucial to this analysis because they are used only to calculate the predicted auxiliary fuel use as compared with actual fuel consumed.

If this were true, conservation savings would increase for this technology, the passive solar contribution would decrease, and predicted auxiliary fuel using the Solar Load Ratio method would decrease. Two calculating uncertainties may account for this problem. First, the actual R-value of the air space is based on still air in interstitial spaces rather than convective loops. 5 air changes per hour assumed. In any case, we have not included the double envelope house in system performance or system cost comparisons for this reason.

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