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By James R. Lucas

This article explores 12 destructive misperceptions that managers tenaciously dangle to - approximately undertaking statements, teamwork, incentives, caliber, switch administration, and extra. It outlines useful managerial talents, corresponding to tips on how to set real looking company objectives, raise motivation, and improve crew paintings.

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Someone with multiple business degrees but no actual experience in the gritty world where you and I have to make decisions may still offer some real helpor may offer us an illusion-ridden theory that knocks us flat. Peter Drucker, the management guru, when asked if business school education was making entrepreneurs "smarter," said, "No. " 3 Hype In a "go-go" economy, sales so often seem to be the way to riches, success, and fame. Sales as a profession can be honorable, satisfying, and rewarding.

Instead, this book is about the built-in obstacles that keep us from implementing answers based on that information. Page 4 Warning 2: This book won't leave you alone. It's designed to make you and others in your organization uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. It tries to do that by holding up the mirror of truth and inviting you to take an honest look. An old saying reminds us that when we know the truth, we can be freefree from myths, free from misperceptions that lead us down unhelpful paths, free from bad ideas disguised as ''traditions" or "culture," and free from opinions that just don't hold up under the relentless flood of marketplace reality.

From Hollywood's dream factory, from sports stars, from business gurus, we draw conclusions and directions that may be half-truths or worse. "A leader must have the courage to act against an expert's advice," said the British Prime Minister James Callagon (1976-1979). People try to sell us thingsfrom products to business fadson the basis of what noteworthy people say. But there are product spokespeople who have Page 15 never even used the product they're promoting, and there are management experts who have never followed the business philosophy they're expounding in the real world.

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