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By LMHC Vali Hawkins Mitchell Ph.D., FBCI Philip Jan Rothstein

The failure to correctly deal with the sufferers and the emotional dimensions of company difficulties alterations hostile occasions into crises and catastrophes. This booklet goals to arm staff and bosses with the instruments essential to deal with emotional misery.

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Chapter 1: Rotations: What is Spinning? 33 34 Chapter 1: Rotations: What is Spinning? Location Location defines where something is happening. It can also refer to its point of origin. Since workplaces are now global, the location called "workplace" of where a spin may start might include: • desks • cubicles • computers • web sites • cell phones • telephones • lounges • transportation • hotels • business meetings • restrooms • hallways • stairwells • parking lots Case Examples • John travels more than he is in the main office.

O. He liked to be adored, and encouraged employees to think that they were "picked by the boss" to be special and receive special treatment. O. O. was playing both sides against the middle. -Likes-Me-Best" game that was the point of origin for a violent organizational sibling rivalry. The conflict bordered on an almost religious belief of personal value with concurrent demands for territory and priority. O. 's need to be needed. He enjoyed being the rescuing guru to whoever came to his office. O.

Emotional Terrorists are expansionists seeking new collections of people, places and things to increase their empires. Ask yourself if you really think it a waste of company time and money, not showing good faith, or demonstrating paranoia to purchase a fire extinguisher? Then go have that discussion with a fire. Then go ask an arsonist. If you are still worried about good stewardship over the corporate dollar, call five attorneys and ask them to give you their hourly fees for court appearances.

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