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The text is preceded by the well-known epigrams, De’i holek and Moreh-nebuchim sa shelomi; the last page contains the epigram Karob meod. There are some notes in the margin, mostly referring to various readings. Add. . This codex, written  at Viterbo, contains the preface of Harizi to his translation of the Moreh and his index of contents, Ibn Tibbon’s version with a few marginal notes of different hands, including some remarks of the translator, and the contents of the chapters. The codex contains besides the following treatises: Commen­ tary of Maimonides on Abot; Comm.

Contains marginal and interlineary notes in Arabic. No author or date is given, nor is any other commentary referred to in the notes. The explanations given are mostly preceded by a question, and introduced by the phrase, “the an­ swer is,” in the same style as is employed in the Hebrew-Arabic Midrash, MS. Brit. Mus. Or. . The Midrashic character is prominent in the notes. Thus the verse “Open, ye gates, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in,” is explained as meaning: Open, ye gates of wisdom, that human understanding that perceiveth truth may enter.

Of the works that discuss the whole or part of the philosophical system of the Moreh the following are noteworthy:— Bacher, W. Die Bibilexegese Moses Maimûni’s, in the Jahreshericht der Landes Rabbinerschule zu Buda-Pest, . Eisler, M. Vorlesungen über die jüdischen Philosophen des Mittelalters. Abtheil. , Moses Maimonides (Wien, ). Geiger, A. Das Judenthum u. seine Geschichte (Breslau, ), Zehnte Vorlesung: Aben Ezra u. Maimonides. Grätz, H. Geschichte d. Juden, VI. p.  sqq. Joel, M.

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