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By Wren Software, Inc. C. Brown

This article discusses the conceptual levels of challenge layout, platforms engineering, and orbital mechanics, delivering a foundation for realizing the layout method for various parts and capabilities of a spacecraft. assurance comprises propulsion and gear platforms, constructions, angle keep watch over, thermal keep watch over, command and information platforms, and telecommunications. labored examples and routines are incorporated, as well as appendices on acronyms and abbreviations and spacecraft layout info. The publication can be utilized for self-study or for a path in spacecraft layout. Brown directed the staff that produced the Magellan spacecraft, and has taught spacecraft layout on the collage of Colorado.

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Space Shuttle data. compiled by T. Weber. Space System Division of Rockwell International (Ref. I. p. 93) tends to confirm this long-held belief. 8 Schedule Margin Schedule margin is a period of time in which there are no scheduled activities. 14. 14 Recommended schedule margin (Ref. 13) Phase Phase C/O sIan to ATLO SIan ATLO stan 10 ship 10 launch sile Arrival al launch site to launch Margin. months I monlhlyear 2 months/year I wedJmonlh SYSTEM ENGINEERING 39 plll'tllJel Redundancy Parallel, normally closed, ordnance valves essentially enmlnate failure to open Parallel solenoid valves essentially eliminate failure to open; however, leakage probability and quantity are increased, as Is the probability of failure to close.

Surface area by S. radius by R. and mass by W. Uniform density is assumed. 11 is only a sample of the data available for shells and solids. see AIAA Aerospace Design Engineer's Guide l2 and other similar handbooks. ~ Ir;l '1 L;:J :t) I ICS. ---- X GJ TJ I = Imr 2 r. 10 Moment or inertia. ELEMENTS OF SPACECRAFT DESIGN 32 Momeat of inertia Spherical Shell P .... -. ,.. Surface Area A 2 $= 41rR 3 I =1 =1 =_WR 3 • ~ , 3 I CUbe-Solld I @. Cater of Mast A i=Y=z=2 WA 2 1=1=1=• ~ • 6 y / I -.. --I BoUow Bos-Shell Surface Area & I-"-A 'Qu(~I S=AB+BC+A I = W (B2 +C2)+ W( ABC(B+C) ) • 12 6 AB+BC+AC I = W (A2 +B2)+ W( ABC(A+B) ) ~ 12 6 AB+BC+AC .

1 .... ,. , -- ~~~~- I~. e'''''' -===--LAUNCH MASS. r is 4 A 3 2 2 4 3 4 1 1987 1986 2 3 4 1988 . Fig. 9 Predicted launch mass vs time. It at 4) a moment of inertia. 2) The spin axis of a spinning spacecraft must be the axis of highest moment of inertia or the spacecraft is unstable. The moments of inertia must be actively controlled to maintain spin stability. The moment of inertia about any axis is the sum of the elemental masses times the distances from the axis; see Fig. 4) j to ling tors ight lpe.

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