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By Michael Crichton

The 12 months is A.D. 922. a cultured Arab courtier, consultant of the robust Caliph of Bagdad, encounters a celebration of Viking warriors who're travelling to the barbaric North. he's appalled by means of their Viking customs -- the wanton sexuality in their faded, angular ladies, their forget for cleanliness . . .

their cold-blooded human sacrifices. however it isn't really until eventually they achieve the depths of the Northland that the courtier learns the frightening and inescapable fact: He has been enlisted through those savage, inscrutable warriors to aid strive against an apprehension that plagues them -- a monstrosity that emerges below disguise of evening to slaughter the Vikings and eat their flesh . . .

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Thus she continues carrying the tub from one to another, till each of those who are in the house has blown his nose and spit into the tub, and washed his face and hair. This is the normal way of things among the Northmen, as I have seen with my own eyes. Yet at the period of our arrival among them, there was some discontent among the giant people, the nature of which was thus: Their principal chieftain, a man of the name Wyglif, had fallen ill, and was set up in a sick-tent at a distance from the camp, with bread and water.

In the end, it is this quality of absolute truthfulness which makes his tale so horrifying. For his encounter with the monsters of the mist, the “eaters of the dead,” is told with the same attention to detail, the same careful skepticism, that marks the other portions of the manuscript. In any case, the reader may judge for himself. THE DEPARTURE FROM THE CITY OF PEACE PRAISE BE TO GOD, THE MERCIFUL, THE compassionate, the Lord of the Two Worlds, and blessing and peace upon the Prince of Prophets, our Lord and Master Muhammad, whom God bless and preserve with abiding and continuing peace and blessings until the Day of the Faith!

The dead chief, meanwhile, lay at a distance in his grave, from which they had not yet removed him. Next they brought a couch, placed it in the ship, and covered it with Greek cloth of gold, and pillows of the same material. There then came an old crone, whom they call the angel of death, and she spread the personal articles on the couch. It was she who attended to the sewing of the garments, and to all the equipment. It was she, also, who was to slay the girl. I saw the crone with my own eyes.

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