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By Cherie Langlois

Ducks are one of many easiest-to-care-for cattle. Theyre very hardy and adapt to many stipulations. while allowed to forage, theyll glean a tremendous percentage in their personal feed and refill the sphere with ordinary fertilization.

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On subsequent visits, I talked to her and stroked her sleek white feathers, admiring her patience, and she conversed back in breathy, friendly whistles. In some weird, maternal way, we bonded over that egg. I can’t remember if Ms. Muscovy ever hatched her swan egg, but I’ll never forget that duck. Muscovies have been my favorite fowl ever since. Ducklings are adorable and fun to raise, and they do surprisingly well when properly shipped from commercial hatcheries, each duckling traveling complete with its own food supply in the form of its yolk sac.

It will also keep the country air on your farm smelling fresh. Cleaning methods for duck houses vary depending on how many birds are kept in the house and how big a mess they make. sures with aviary or game bird netting. Installed over the top of a duck yard, netting has the added benefit of helping prevent losses to aerial predators such as owls and eagles. When fencing duck yards, beware of chicken wire: it’s not very strong and tends to sag, making it a poor choice for predator protection. Combining smalldiameter (one-half-inch) chicken wire with a sturdy, larger-gauge welded wire works well for keeping out rats, weasels, and raccoons that will reach inside to snag sleeping fowl.

Dandy exhibits the characteristic bright red skin and facial caruncles of all hen or a duck that will sit on eggs) to incubate them. Muscovy drakes. qxd 10/27/09 5:04 PM Page 35 Love at First Quack Years ago, I met my first Muscovy duck while working at the San Antonio Zoo as a bird keeper. A dedicated broody bird, always eager to sit on eggs, Ms. Muscovy had been drafted by zoo staff to incubate a swan egg. Because she couldn’t turn such a large egg by herself (see chapter 5 on egg turning), it was my duty to visit her nest three times a day and turn the egg.

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