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By Michael B Bottorff, William E. Evans, Ingrid Hillebrand, Bodo Junge, Lutz Müller, Walter Puls, Delf D. Schmidt, Ernst Truscheit, Horst Will

Das Buch enthalt Kapitel uber: M. B. Bottorff, W. E. Evans, Memphis, TN, united states: Uberwachung der Medikament-KonzentrationE. Truscheit, I. Hillebrand, B. Junge, L. Muller, W. Puls, D. D. Schmidt, Wuppertal, FRG: Inhibitoren der mikrobiellen alpha-Glucosidase: Chemie, Biochemie und potentielle therapeutische AnwendungenH. Will, Berlin-Buch, GDR: Plasminogen-Aktivatoren: Molekuleigenschaften, biologische Zellfunktion und klinische Anwendung

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The most important reaction for determining the structure however is splitting the C-N bond in allyl position to the R CH 3 ' OH ~ 2-. + ~O\. H,OR' OR' OR' 13 R=R'=H 14 21 22 23 24 AeO R'OCH 2 RH~~~~ HO 12 17 18 19 9 R'OCH 2 x x CH30 + ~ R=R'=Ae R=Xl R'=H R=X2,R'=H R = 3, R' = H R = 4 , R' = H OAe AeHN 16 OAe OAe 12,17 18,19 25 26 27 28 29 30 Rl, R2 = H, OH, R3 = R4 = H Rl = R3 =R4 =H, R2 =OMe Rl = OMe, R2 = R3 = R4 = H Rl = H, R2 = OMe, R3 = R4 = Ae Rl = OMe, R2 = H, R3 = R4 = Ae Rl, R2 = H, OMe, R3 = H, R4 =x1 31 Rl, R2 = H, OMe, R3 = H, R4 = X2 32 Rl, R2 = H, OMe, R3 = H, R4 = x 3 33 Rl, R2 =H, OMe, R3 =H, R4=X4 RO~ OR Xl :R=H, R'-OH X2:R-H, R'=H ~~ RO"C{' OR X3 : R = H, R' = OH X4 :R-R'=H Fig.

Through this reaction acarbose is split into the cyclitol and sugar moieties. 12 and 13 are isolated from the reaction mixture by chromatography. The cyclitol derivative 12 is identical to validatol known from the literature 40) and was also prepared by hydrogenolytic degradation of validamycin A for comparison purposes. The isolation of validatol from this hydrogenation reaction provides information on the stereochemical arrangement of the substituents in the cyclitol unit of acarbose. Acetylation of the compound 13, relatively unstable in free form, with pyridine acetanhydride yields a decaacetate 14.

The mixed-bed resin loaded with the inhibitors is packed into a column and eluted with a dilute solution of sodium acetate. Further purification of the eluate is performed by chromatography over three columns. The first column, packed with a highly crosslinked, very super-fine pored cation exchange resin, exchanges the sodium ions of the eluting buffer for H+ -ions. The acetic acid formed in the eluate is neutralized by the next column which is packed with an anion exchange resin in OH- -form. The pH and ion strength of the eluate are now so reduced that in the final column, which is packed with a widepored strongly acidic cation exchange resin in H+ -form, binding of the weakly basic inhibitors can occur.

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