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By JoAnna Nicholson

One in every of America's prime snapshot specialists outlines the do's and don'ts of dressing shrewdpermanent for all events.

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It's scratchy! Page 10 It's uncomfortable! The right occasion hasn't come along. You are saving it. How would you like to leave the house every morning feeling dynamite about the way you look, never giving it a second thought no matter what you might do that evening and no matter whom you might meet? Learn how to build a Smart Wardrobe that works for youone that you can count on, one that makes you feel great every day, one that you love! 8 Wear Boardroom Looks Instead of Backroom Looks! Throughout years of presenting wardrobe seminars to diverse audiences around the world, I've asked thousands of women to list their "million dollar looks".

Classics look "stylish" for decades, depending on the ways in which you combine them with each other or with newer "fashions". Please note that classic and boring are not synonyms. Classic makeup looks include using lip and blush colors that are always flattering to your coloring instead of following trends like brownish lipstick and blush. Classic ways to wear your hair do not include a lot of teasing or globs of hair spray (helmet hair). Page 20 It's almost easier to describe what isn't classic than to tell you what is: Anything oversized, overstated or extreme (like big collars and oversized lapels); Shoes and boots with platform soles over 1/4"; Very short skirts; Very wide pants; Sleeves that come down to your knuckles; Shoes and boots with very chunky heels; Glitz in the daytime; Large shoulder pads; Brown lipsticks and blush; Odd colors of nail polish like purple, green, black, and blue; Long, square fingernails and embellished nails; Shoes and boots with very square or very pointed toes; and Above the knee and thigh-high boots.

Truthfully, I was a model; I just wasn't modeling that day. When you want to "check-out" or change the message you sendyour image/your lookyour friends and family may not be your best resource for objectivity because they are used to you. Change can be unnerving because the "old" you has a certain familiarity and comfortableness. As you begin to look "different" (read: more attractive), heads turn. When you first realize that someone turned to look at you, you may wonder if your slip is showing!

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