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The main depended on nonfiction sequence out there, Eyewitness Books supply an in-depth, accomplished examine their topics with a distinct integration of phrases and photographs. Loaded with exceptional colour images of Viking ships and swords, outfits and shields, memorial stones and gorgeous brooches, this revised and up-to-date variation of Eyewitness: Viking deals a distinct view into the lives of the Norse humans and their amazing achievements.

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The carvers were incredibly skilled. The animals’ heads and necks squirm with a mass of tiny figures. No one knows what the posts were for. Worshipers might have carried them at a religious procession, perhaps at the Oseberg funeral. The fierce animals, like lions, may have been meant to scare away evil spirits. THE ENGLISH WAY In their homes in Scandinavia, the Vikings raised huge memorial stones to remember dead friends or relatives (pp. 58–59). These stood in public places, often far from the dead person’s grave.

They knew exactly what wood to use for what Molding iron for making grooves or patterns on planks purpose and how to cut timber to give maximum strength and PRESSED GOLD flexibility. They carved This gold brooch from Hornelund in Denmark was made from a lead die. decorations on many objects, The jeweler pressed the die into a and sometimes painted sheet of gold to create a pattern. Then he decorated the surface with them with bright colors. gold wire and blobs or granules of gold. Only the richest chieftains Most of the colors have or kings could afford such a faded now, but enough beautiful brooch.

Boss broken off a thistle brooch Amber set in the pin head IRISH BROOCH IN A NORWEGIAN GRAVE Piece of inlaid blue glass What was this Irish brooch doing in a woman’s grave in Norway? She was buried in the 10th century, but the brooch was made at least a hundred years earlier in Ireland. Her husband may have bought or stolen it on an expedition to Ireland. Round terminal decorated in gold with animal forms Silver pin inlaid with gold WEIGHED DOWN BY FASHION One of the biggest pieces of Viking jewelry known, this silver brooch was found at Møllerløkken on the Danish island of Fyn.

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