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By Pat Manley

This e-book is key to each yacht and so much huge motorboats, that have diesel engines. it is going to clarify find out how to hinder difficulties, troubleshoot and service engines utilizing secure options.

  • The definitive guide on diesels – each yacht or motor boat must have one on board
  • seriously illustrated with nearly four hundred color pictures and diagrams
  • Covers crucial upkeep, troubleshooting and service
  • effortless to exploit step by step advisor
  • Follows on from the luck of Pat Manley’s uncomplicated Boat upkeep
  • Pat Manley is the specialist during this box

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Rotating the engine quickly enough to obtain rapid compression to minimise the escape of heat from the cylinder — this requires a well-charged battery of sufficient power if electric starting is used. • The correct quantity of fuel injected at the correct time. It can be seen that a diesel engine in good mechanical condition will start if it is turned over rapidly enough to raise the air temperature to ignition point and the correct quantity of fuel is injected at the right time. It should be noted that other than powering the starter motor, the basic diesel engine requires no electricity for its operation.

If this pressure is insufficient, the corners of the honed grooves will become rounded instead of square, increasing oil consumption because oil will be able to migrate upwards towards the combustion chamber. As far as oil consumption is concerned, the first 40 hours of engine running are the most critical. New engines should be filled with running-in oil, which is replaced by normal lubricating oil, as specified by the engine manufacturer, at the first service. This runningin oil allows the honing to bed in properly.

A worn injector may produce a deformed spray, producing some fuel droplets too large to burn. A fuel injection pump with incorrect timing may supply some of the fuel to the injector too early or too late. Fuel supplied at the wrong time may reach the cylinder when the temperature is too low for combustion (too early) or there is too little oxygen left (too 38 THE DIESEL ENGINE late). This fuel will be unburned and will result in blue smoke. White smoke White smoke is water vapour. Lots of white smoke is lots of water vapour!

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