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By Bart D. Ehrman

For years Bart Ehrman has been mostly bombarded with one query: Did Jesus Exist? As a number one Bible specialist, lovers and critics alike have despatched letters, emails, published blogs, and wondered Ehrman in the course of interviews in need of his opinion approximately this nagging query that has turn into a conspiracy theorist cottage across the world. the concept the nature of Jesus was once an invention of the early church--and later a device of regulate hired by way of the Roman Catholic Church--is a greatly held trust and Ehrman has determined it's time to place the problem to leisure. definite, the old Jesus of Nazareth did exist.

Known as a grasp explainer with deep wisdom of the sector, Ehrman methodically demolishes either the scholarly and well known "mythicist" arguments opposed to the lifestyles of Jesus. Marshaling facts from in the Bible and the broader old list of the traditional global, Ehrman tackles the foremost matters that encompass the preferred mythologies linked to Jesus and the early Christian move. all through Did Jesus Exist? Ehrman establishes the criterion for any real historic research and offers a powerful safeguard of the equipment required to find the Jesus of heritage.

Those dedicated to the "non-existence" thought might want to learn this bold scholar's counter argument whereas the extra frequently minded will enthusiastically help Ehrman's definitive solution to the query. ideal for the lively on-line debating group, this e-book unique should be a needs to learn for a person attracted to Jesus, the Bible, and the beginning of Christianity.

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