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By Greg Cox John Gregory Betancourt

The Hortas of Janus VI are the best miners within the galaxy, able to burning via good rock the way in which humanoids go through air. Recruited to aid rebuild Bajor's devastated mining undefined, the Hortas may provide new desire for the planet's suffering economic climate. but if Cardassian raiders abduct the mum Horta, Commander Sisko unearths himself caught with twenty Horta eggs -- after which the eggs start to hatch... whereas significant Kira leads a determined rescue challenge deep into Cardassian area, Commander Sisko faces a ravaging mass of child Hortas -- uncontrollable, indestructible, and desirous to eat Deep house 9™ itself!

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She always seemed to be watching everyone and every- thing around her, almost as though she expected something strange and out-of-place to happen. Some- times it made Kira uneasy, but now she welcomed such watchfulness. Nobody would sneak up on them with Aponte on watch. " "Sir," Ensign Jonsson said. " Good question, Kira thought. " she called. " "No," Dax called from the conn station, where she was running the last of the diagnostics. "Cardassian mining plants are almost always in M-class environ- ments.

She realized she had to be in another ship, this one without the concrete hold specifically designed to accommodate her. She was suspended in midair by some sort of tractor beam. That explained the sensa- tion of falling, the lack of comforting surfaces into which she might burrow. " the voice bellowed. Ttan managed to focus on the room's other inhab- itant: a humanoid wearing shiny black clothing with only its head, neck, and hands exposed. It stood in an open hatch regarding her. Its pale skin had a strangely corded look, as though thick ropes of muscle con- nected its small head to its body.

There were no familiar tastes of minerals, no comforting surfaces to burrow into. She tried to fight it, but the same panic that had overwhelmed her the first time she'd seen the sky over Janus VI struck her. She began to scream in terror, a high-pitched keening sound that went on and on and on. Her cilia whirled helplessly. Acid squirted uncon- trolled from her glands. " With the voice came light, and the light revealed a huge cavern. Ttan found herself suspended halfway between floor and ceiling, spinning slowly in a coun- terclockwise direction.

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