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By Rick Joyner

The Church, in its current kingdom, won't continue to exist for much longer. we're short of an intensive switch! In added from Evil, his 3rd booklet in a chain on non secular struggle, Rick Joyner demonstrates how this modification will comprise dismantling the strongholds of worry, confusion and human idealism. He directs Christians to the best guns of their non secular arsenal: love, humility and recovery. brought From Evil heralds the hot breed of management who will include those characteristics, teaches the biblical which means of precise apostolic calling, and exhibits how the last—day Church will draw humans again to the guts of God.

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Because the marriage relationship is so crucial for the health of mankind in general, there are higher biblical standards for this relationship required of anyone who would be accepted into a place of authority in the church. The Scriptures declare that one had to be the husband of one wife to be in the position of elder or deacon. We cannot dilute the clear directives of Scripture such as this without eroding the very foundation of the church. So does this directive mean that one cannot have been through a divorce to qualify for leadership in the church?

DELIVERED from EVIL end up in divorce themselves? Just as human idealism has been one of the greatest enemies of the emerging of the glorious Church, human idealism can also be found at the root of the most destructive forces tearing apart marriages and families. Pursuing God’s ideal for marriage is certainly one of the most important and noble devotions that we can have. Our success in leading our family is a foundation for any other true success that we can have in our life. The importance of this is the reason why the marriage relationship is under one of the most determined onslaughts of the devil at this time.

In Jeremiah 3:8 it states that God gave Israel a certificate of divorce. Was it God’s fault that marriage did not work? Certainly not. One can be the most perfect husband, as God definitely was, and things still not work. God does hate divorce, and it should therefore be resisted to the utmost, but there was a point when even He had to go through one. Now I think the Scriptures are clear that He intends to remarry His estranged wife at the end, but presently God is a divorcee. As stated, marriage is such a crucial foundation—not only for church life but also for the entire social order of man—that it must be held in the highest regard.

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