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By William W. Johnstone

A madman and a killer, Preacher Joshua coloration is on an extended trip to Yuma legal and a date with the hangman. yet Matt Bodine and Sam Wolves doubt that coloration will ever preserve that date. The outlaw has a legion of fanatical, bloodthirsty fans. Matt and Sam are shadowing Shade's convoy - simply in case...The blood brothers are useless correct - and improper as hell. while the time comes, color is sprung, a stunning younger girl is fascinated with him, and it is as much as Matt and Sam to seek them to a seriously guarded hideout. yet they do not know that the case of Joshua color reaches into the top point of the federal government...Or that they are now dealing with a perilous catch designed to kill somebody in pursuit - irrespective of how a long way you've got come, or how briskly you draw your gun...

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Charlie figured that if he could sit down with his back propped against that wall, he could catch some quick shut-eye. But Sheriff Flagg had warned him specifically about that very thing. “Don’t you go sittin’ down and dozin’ off, Charlie,” he’d said. ” Charlie sighed, yawned, and looked north and east. Down at the bank, on the other side of the street at the far end of the next block, Harlan Eggleston was watching to the south and west…although Charlie didn’t know what the hell Cyrus Flagg expected them to be able to see in the dark like this.

Sam wasn’t so sure of that. Even up in the hills, Shade might have heard the shots and realized that the townspeople were aware of the threat. Would that be enough to make him call off the attack? Sam didn’t know, and the citizens of Arrowhead couldn’t afford to take that chance. They had to be as ready for trouble as they could get in the next few minutes…because it was probably already on the way. More than forty strong, the gang swarmed down out of the hills with Joshua Shade in the lead. He was bare-headed, and the wind whipped his longish hair around his lean face.

He wore two irons in holsters supported by crossed cartridge belts and was deadly accurate with either hand. Sam carried only one Colt and was a little slower than Matt…which still made him faster than nine of ten men he ran into. A razor-sharp bowie knife rode in a fringed sheath on his left hip. There was fringe on his buckskin shirt as well, while Matt wore a faded blue bib-front. A battered old brown Stetson was thumbed back on Matt’s head. Squared up on Sam’s head was a black hat with a flat brim, a slightly rounded crown, and a band studded with conchos.

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