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Of all of the figures within the Bible, David arguably could be the so much confusing and enigmatic. He was once many stuff: a warrior who subdued Goliath and the Philistines; a king who united a state; a poet who created attractive, delicate verse; a devoted servant of God who proposed the nice Temple and based the Messianic line; a schemer, deceiver, and adulterer who freely indulged his very human appetites.
David Wolpe, whom Newsweek referred to as “the so much influential rabbi in America,” takes a clean examine biblical David in an try and locate coherence in his likely contradictory activities and impulses. the writer questions why David holds such an exalted position in heritage and legend, after which proceeds to solve his complicated personality in keeping with details present in the e-book of Samuel and later literature. What emerges is an interesting portrait of a good individual who, regardless of his many flaws, was once actually cherished through God.

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169-71; and the further discussion in M. Blanchot, 'La question litteraire', in Le livre a venir (Paris: Gallimard, 1959), pp. 99-107. 1. Beauty and the Enigma 55 strained by society and its laws, representing an irresponsible freedom; both mingle polarities of fear and romantic desire. This symmetrical opposition to the daughters of Jerusalem, as well as their syntagmatic coupling as images for the Woman, establishes a hidden link, parallel to the transformation of the Woman from rural outsider to leader of the circle of the daughters of Jerusalem and royal mistress.

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