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By James Patterson

Daniel X is on an very unlikely venture: to put off each intergalactic felony at the face of the Earth. utilizing his magnificent superpower to create gadgets out of skinny air, he is taken on the most fearsome and fiendish extraterrestrial beings within the universe, and now he is aiming to extinguish his subsequent aim: the explosive demon of fir, Phosphorius Beta, and his military of flame-weaving henchmen.

But it will take an entire new point of mojo to ruin this villain. Beta's energy has been becoming given that he arrived in the world over a millennium in the past, and he is eventually able to flip the blue planet into his personal fiery barren region. the single technique to cease him is by means of leaping again in time to the darkish a long time to finish Beta's blistering reign prior to it has an opportunity to start. yet can Daniel X take the warmth? Or will the alien hunter eventually get burned?

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Who are we? I bet Daniel here knows us. And if he doesn't, he should. " He let out a long, loud laugh--more like a cackle-- and I saw into his mouth for the first time. I'm no dentist, but, well... I know when something is off, and this guy had a problem that would have driven any orthodontist into early retirement. I could see his canines. They extended a good two inches below the gum line. And suddenly I knew the answer to Dana's question. "Great. We've been caught by vampires," I said. I heard Emma gasp.

Somehow, I made it to the third floor without getting speared by one of the rusted, broken balcony rails and contracting tetanus. I edged along the wall and looked into the lit window. The glass was encrusted with grime and cracked in several places, so I had to put my face right up to the window to see through it. Yowza! Now we're making progress. Inside was a kitchen, the messiest I'd ever seen on Earth. Everything was covered with at least an inch of dirt, mildew, garbage, and rotting food. He stood at the stove, wearing a stained apron that read l Y= grilling as he stirred something thick, dark, and lumpy in a saucepan.

How would you feel about staying in a youth hostel, Daniel? " "Stay with a bunch of grungy backpackers? No, thanks," Emma jumped in. "Those folks don't ever shower. Sorry. I'm a prude about cleanliness. " "Hey, I found a little office building that's condemned," said Joe. " Dana chimed in. "Yeah, Joseph, if you like floors that have more holes than Swiss cheese. Listen, guys, meet me at the corner of D'Arblay and Berwick. " It took me a couple of minutes to get to the building Dana had found. It was a two-story town house covered top to bottom with tarps and scaffolding.

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