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By Patrick F. Fox, Paul McSweeney

The e-book offers a finished description of the imperative materials of milk (water, lipids, proteins, lactose, salts, supplements) and of the chemical features of primary households of dairy items. It additionally covers utilized facets, corresponding to heat-induced adjustments and using enzymes, and imperative actual homes. This concise evaluate could be of worth to all dairy scientists and scholars.

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Lactose plays an important role in milk and milk products: 0 it is an essential constituent in the production of fermented dairy products; LACTOSE 0 0 0 23 it contributes to the nutritive value of milk and its products; however, many non-Europeans have limited or zero ability to digest lactose in adulthood, leading to a syndrome known as lactose intolerance; it affects the texture of certain concentrated and frozen products; it is involved in heat-induced changes in the colour and flavour of highly heated milk products.

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In frozen milk products, lactose crystallization causes instability of the casein system. g. in concentrated milk at -8"C, 25% of the water is unfrozen and contains 80 g lactose per 100 g, whereas the solubility of lactose at - 8°C is only about 7%. During storage at low temperatures, lactose crystallizes slowly as a monohydrate and consequently the amount of free water in the product is reduced. The formation of supersaturated lactose solutions inhibits freezing, and consequently stabilizes the concentration of solutes in solution.

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