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By Gwyn Thomas

Gwyn Thomas offers an obtainable English translation of Dafydd ap Gwilym's, (the so much prolific and recognized of medieval Welsh poets), entire poems. The poems are annotated to convey out their historic and literary context.

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I have praised this love of Ifor – Not like the love of any Saxon fool; And I’ll not go (most perfect lord) From Ifor’s love, if he should ask, Not for one day to any wicked towns Or one night from Morgannwg. He’s a man of a line of splendid lords, Of worthy folk, gold-helmeted, most kind; A wealthy hawk of high renown, Firm of body on a steed; Battle-victor, refined [and] swift and urgent, A falcon, all-comprehending, excellent and wise; Undying stag, can’t bear Deirans, All men have found him very true; His conversation’s good and humble, All are worthless save for handsome Ifor.

36 There’s no flaw in supplication to the lively chieftain; All say he gives provisions without fault; He sustains a coming, garments, potency – In Huail’s ways – [and] plentiful provision. 40 A lustrous, gracious lordship, Unstinting – no other man has the same valour; With no fault, a splendid door, bold, savage, [and] of valorous intent, [He is] a blameless golden lord, [and one] of deep nobility. 44 Men’s glorious terror-weapon, a Ll}r in martial-prowess, He took away (good guardianship) my fear; To me my foster-father is a doublet, a force of obligation, A double breastplate, the very top of admiration.

1 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 PICTURES OF CHRIST AND HIS APOSTLES They’re full of grace, far-famed for wisdom, Where they’ve been placed in honest colour. Think well upon the wise, fair story About the day when [all] the twelve Could walk the world (a fair abode) With him before [the] suffering. After the agony that he bore Upon the cross-beam of the rood, his retching, And his dying too (it was not vain) From the world unto the grave, When God Jesus rose again (Our true kin from black earth) He brought to his side, no need for fearing, The honourable twelve.

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