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By C. J. Cherryh

The Hugo Award-winning SF saga is now on hand in a single entire exchange paperback variation, containing Cyteen: The Betrayal, The Rebirth and The Vindication. "A mental novel, a homicide secret and an exam of energy on a grand scale, encompassing gentle years and outsize lifetimes".--Locus.

A awesome younger scientist rises to strength on Cyteen, haunted by way of the information that her predecessorand genetic duplicatedied by the hands of 1 of her depended on advisors. homicide, politics, and genetic manipulation give you the framework for the most recent Union-Alliance novel by means of the writer of Downbelow Station. Cherryh's expertise for extreme, literate storytelling keeps curiosity all through this lengthy, advanced novel.

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Let the Abolitionists peel off and start talking about dismantling the labs again. " "That's where Jordan can do us the most damage! " "Then we have to do something about his credibility, don't we? Think about it, Gerry. Corain's going to end up acquiescing—no, voting for—the establishment of a Reseune lab right on the Hope colony route. The Abolitionists haven't gotten saner, just quieter; and we have our own sleepers in their rank and file. Keep Corain quite busy putting out fires on his own decks.

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