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Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales: A Short Introduction (Blackwell Introductions to Literature)

This concise and vigorous survey introduces scholars without earlier wisdom to Chaucer, and especially to the 'Canterbury Tales'. Written in an invitingly inclusive but intellectually refined sort, it offers crucial proof in regards to the poet, together with a biography and cartoon of his significant works, in addition to providing a framework for pondering creatively approximately his writing.

Humorous Structures of English Narratives, 1200-1600

All of us be ready to realize and create humour, yet how precisely can we do it? Salvatore Attardo and Victor Raskin have tried to give an explanation for the workings of humour with their common conception of Verbal Humor (1991). The crucial objective of Hamilton's examine is to check the usefulness of the final conception of Verbal Humor on a particular corpus through deciding upon and studying the narrative buildings that create humour.

The Dark Ages and the Vikings

3 ancient battles, from the arriving of the Vikings in early Britain to the Norman invasion, are advised in photo novel structure: In 793, the sacking of Lindisfarne is the 1st Viking raid on Britain; At Ediginton, Alfred the good defends the dominion of Wessex from Vikings in 878; In 1066, English forces, exhausted from battling the Vikings, face

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Saladin’s tent was quickly taken down as the royal guard hurried him away. 42 the muslim army was defeated. richard entered the town. you! where were the headquarters of your master, saladin? over there. pitch my tent on that exact spot! richard and his army had saved jaffa just in time. the end 43 Diminishing Returns Before he left Acre, Richard had sent a force overland to Jaffa to reinforce his position. They were slow in arriving so he camped outside the city and prepared his tiny force for the expected counterattack… LIONHEART Sure enough, wave after wave of enraged horse-mounted archers battled the thin line of crusaders, but Richard’s force held out until the attack was exhausted.

King richard “the lionheart” was on his way. his small force of english knights, infantry, and genoese and pisan archers from italy had been assembled like lightning. 36 his christian fleet arrived off jaffa and halted. a thousand cries of “allu akbar*” echoed over a city shrouded in the smoke of war. a huge sea of saracen banners! i fear we are too few. yes, and i fear we are too late. *god is greater 37 christians who had taken refuge in the citadel called out anxiously. why don’t our forces rescue us?

The end 31 The Defense of Jaffa The Third Crusade n december, 1191, king richard I of england climbed a hill to view the distant walls and towers of the holy city of jerusalem. in over three years of fighting it would be the closest he would get. I richard thought he could take the city with his force but not hold it and the weather was terrible. 32 in late july, 1192, he was back in acre to plan a possible invasion of egypt, when he received some news… sire! saladin is besieging jaffa! the port was the crusaders’ gateway to the holy land.

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