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By Clint Bowers, Dr Eduardo Salas PhD, Florian Jentsch, C A Bowers

In developing High-Tech groups: useful information on paintings functionality and know-how, leaders in technology and discover the cutting-edge in expertise and teamwork and the way to translate this data into the absolute best tips for industrial?organizational practitioners.

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Even experts, such as statisticians and mathematicians, often struggle to comprehend and appreciate these masses of numbers, and nonspecialists are usually unable to do so at all. The obliqueness of these complex data burdens decision-making processes and strains team collaborations. However, complex numerical data can be represented in the form of visualizations, which people—specialists and nonspecialists alike—can glean insight from, use to make better decisions, and draw on to improve team interactions.

1994) found that only when ideas could be entered immediately, and in parallel—the conventional procedure used in electronic brainstorming—did the advantage of electronic brainstorming became apparent. When participants were artificially forced to wait 5 seconds before being able to type in their next idea, electronic-brainstorming groups lost their advantage compared with verbal brainstorming groups. These experiments confirm the importance of the production-blocking explanation. They also point to the possible advantages of using electronic-brainstorming tools, at least insofar as the production of a large number of ideas is concerned.

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