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It is best to sit on a straight backed chair to practice the Fusion Meditations. Your weight should be evenly divided over four points: your two feet and the two sitting bones (the tuberosities of the ischium) (Fig. 1). Place the feet flat on the floor the same distance apart as the hips. The calves of the legs should be vertical, like pillars. Try to have the knees and hips at the same level, or keep the knees slightly higher. The part of the pelvis known as the ischium is structurally designed to hold a tremendous amount of weight.

The facial pakua gathers and transforms the energy of the senses and the thoughts down to the lower abdomen. The Universal pakua is then created to gather and collect the energy of the Universe into the lower abdomen. All these energies once gathered are condensed into an energy ball, or a pearl of white light. This highly refined ball of energy is then circulated through all the channels as a way to open, heal and revitalize the body, mind and spirit. This is the beginning of the transference of consciousness to a new realm.

42 - Cosmic Fusion Overview of the Cosmic Fusion Universal Tao divides Fusion into Three Parts Fusion of the Five Elements First Part Fusion of the Five Elements makes use of pakuas and energy collection points to balance, connect and draw out negative emotional energies found in the organs. These energies, along with their corresponding glands and senses energies, are then fused and transformed into pure, life-force energy. The purity of this energy has an adhering and magnetizing quality enabling it to condense into a ball of refined energy which is called the pearl.

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