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By C. Boddy

Psychopaths are little understood open air of the legal snapshot. even though, because the contemporary international monetary problem highlighted, the habit of a small crew of managers can in all probability carry down the complete western process of commercial. This e-book investigates who they are, why they do what they do and what the implications in their presence are.

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Hare concurs, but tends to think that the societal factors influence the way psychopathy is expressed in behaviour rather than being a direct cause (Hare 1994). Other leading researchers agree with this viewpoint and say that environmental factors such as family background probably influence how psychopathy is manifested in behaviour but that such factors are not the cause of psychopathy (Blair et al. 2006). The research by Marshall and Cooke looked into the childhood experiences of (criminal) psychopaths and non-psychopaths and concluded that negative experiences in childhood increase the risk of a psychopathic outcome.

The areas of the brain sometimes referred to as the ‘social brain’ – including the amygdala, hippocampus and orbitofrontal regions – have been identified as being underactive in psychopaths; instead, the more intellectual or cognitive areas are brought into play to process affective words and stimuli (Soderstrom 2003). However, in a review of twenty neuroimaging studies in psychopathy, Pridmore and colleagues point out that many of the initial findings have not been replicated and that the biological basis of psychopathy remains to be elucidated (Pridmore, Chambers & McArthur 2005).

Com - licensed to Australian Catholic University - PalgraveConnect - 2011-08-17 psychopaths. Such an instrument has now been developed for use in managerial research. This research shows that nearly all the expected negative effects of Corporate Psychopaths are evident when Corporate Psychopaths are present in organisations. Corporate Psychopaths The fourth effect of having Corporate Psychopaths in an organisation relates to leadership and managerial competence, as reflected in workload. Psychopaths are known for their parasitic lifestyles, and in an organisation this can be expected to take the form of claiming others’ work and ideas as their own, neglecting their managerial and leadership responsibilities, and blaming others for their own mistakes and omissions.

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