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By C. E. W. Steel

This examine of Cicero's political oratory and Roman imperialism within the overdue Republic bargains new readings of ignored speeches. C.E.W. metal examines the position and capacities of political oratory and places Cicero's perspective to empire, with its barriers and weaknesses, within the context of wider debates between his contemporaries at the difficulties of empire.

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3. 211; he has just said he will use the living figures of Quintus Catulus and Publius Servilius Isauricus as his points of comparison): Inquire, Hortensius (since you take pleasure in recent examples), what did they do? Well? Quintus Catulus made use of corn, but he did not exact financial contributions; Publius Servilius, who commanded his army for five years (and had he acted like Verres could have made a vast amount of money), decided that he should not do anything which he had not seen his father or his distinguished grandfather Quintus Metellus doing.

And Cicero confirms this by referring to Piso’s maternal ancestry. In the prou. cons. 69 Gabinius, by contrast, is a much more straightforwardly eastern creation.

6–7. 34 Romans in the provinces gods . ’. And finally, if trivially, Cicero sets up a pun on Verres’ name and the verb uerro, to sweep up: the festival thus records Verres’ most notable characteristic, taking possession of the property of others (2. 2. 27 Verres does not just fail to come up to the standards of a great Roman: his actions in fact undermine those of Marcellus (2. 4. 30 In the context of Verres’ thefts this is clearly ironical: Verres has brought Roman rule to the level of tyranny, 26 26 ‘ut ei sacra facerent quotannis cuius opera omnium annorum sacra deosque patrios amiserant’.

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