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Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales: A Short Introduction (Blackwell Introductions to Literature)

This concise and full of life survey introduces scholars with out earlier wisdom to Chaucer, and especially to the 'Canterbury Tales'. Written in an invitingly inclusive but intellectually subtle kind, it offers crucial proof in regards to the poet, together with a biography and cartoon of his significant works, in addition to delivering a framework for considering creatively approximately his writing.

Humorous Structures of English Narratives, 1200-1600

All of us have the capacity to realize and create humour, yet how precisely will we do it? Salvatore Attardo and Victor Raskin have tried to provide an explanation for the workings of humour with their normal idea of Verbal Humor (1991). The valuable goal of Hamilton's learn is to check the usefulness of the overall thought of Verbal Humor on a particular corpus by means of picking and analyzing the narrative constructions that create humour.

The Dark Ages and the Vikings

3 historical battles, from the coming of the Vikings in early Britain to the Norman invasion, are informed in image novel structure: In 793, the sacking of Lindisfarne is the 1st Viking raid on Britain; At Ediginton, Alfred the good defends the dominion of Wessex from Vikings in 878; In 1066, English forces, exhausted from struggling with the Vikings, face

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The speaker concluded with an apology--much required--for his client's faults, as those of a young man, and a promise on his behalf--on the faith of an advocate--that he would behave better for the future. He wound up the whole with a point of sensational rhetoric which was common, as has been said, to the Roman bar as to our own--an appeal to the jurymen as fathers. He pointed to the aged father of the defendant, leaning in the most approved attitude upon the shoulder of his son. Either this, or the want of evidence, or the eloquence of the pleader, had its due effect.

Spurina, indeed, when I mentioned the thing to him, and explained your previous habits, proved to demonstration that there would be danger to the highest interests of the state if you did not return to your old ways in the spring. But indeed, my good Paetus, I advise you, joking apart, to associate with good fellows, and pleasant fellows, and men who are fond of you. There is nothing better worth having in life, nothing that makes life more happy.... See how I employ philosophy to reconcile you to dinner-parties.

Athenians are here to-day, amongst whom civilisation, learning, religion, agriculture, public law and justice, had their birth, and whence they have been disseminated over all the world: for the possession of whose city, on account of its exceeding beauty, even gods are said to have contended: which is of such antiquity, that she is said to have bred her citizens within herself, and the same soil is termed at once their mother, their nurse, and their country: whose importance and influence is such that the name of Greece, though it has lost much of its weight and power, still holds its place by virtue of the renown of this single city".

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