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The 1st Containing using An Ephemeris, The Erecting Of A Scheam Of Heaven; Nature Of The Twelve indicators Of The Zodiack, Of The Planets; With A so much Easie creation To the complete artwork Of Astrology. the second one, by way of A such a lot Methodicall method, Instructeth the coed how you can pass judgement on Or get to the bottom of All demeanour Of Questions Contingent Unto guy, Viz. Of health and wellbeing, Sicknesse, Riches, Marriage, Preferment, Journies. Severall Questions Inserted And Judged. The 3rd, Containes a precise procedure, wherein to pass judgement on Upon Nativities; Severall Wayes how one can Rectifie Them; find out how to pass judgement on The Generall destiny Of The local by way of The Twelve homes Of Heaven, based on The Naturall impression Of the celebrities; How His specific And Annual injuries, through The artwork Of path, And Its targeted degree Of Time, via Protections, Revolutions, Transits, A Nativity Judged through the tactic previous.

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By What Meanes Attaine it? The Time When? Etc. And if it Shall Continue? Whoever interrogates, be his Condition what it will be, King, Noble, Priest or Layman, the Ascendant, the Lord thereof and the Moon are his Significators: and if the question be in generall termes, (viz. ) First, if you find the Planets all angular, it’s one good Signe of Substance; if they be in succeedant houses, direct and swift in motion, it’s a good Signe. com The Resolution of dignified in essentiall Dignities, it’s an hopefull argument of an Estate: Those rules are generall: If the Lord of the Ascendant, or the Moon, and the Lord of the 2nd house, viz.

50 Tau. 26 Tau. 15 Tau. 53 Tau. Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon in 14 12 13 26 4 12 10 41 Can. 29 Sag 48 Vir. 50 Sco. 26 Sco. 15 Sco. 53 Sco. If the Querent Should be Rich or in a Capacity of Substance without Marriage. Herein first I considered the generall disposition of the Planets, and found that the Major number of them (especially the 2 Fortunes) were swift in their motion, well posited in houses, no manner of wayes in a violent way, or by a forcible aspect afflicting each other..

Of Brethern, Sisters, Kindred, Short Journeys. Many are the Demands which may be made concerning Questions appertaining to this House; but in effect, the most principall and materiall of them, and which naturally doe arise from hence, concerne the Querents Brothers, Sisters, Kindred, or whether there is like to be Unity and Concord betwixt the Querent and them, yea or no; or if the Querent shall live in peace with his Neighbors, or what are their condition good or bad; or of a short Journey, whether prosperous, yea or not.

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