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Whilst his photograph seemed at the hide of Texas per month, Joaquin Jackson grew to become the icon of the trendy Texas Rangers. Nick Nolte modeled his personality within the motion picture severe Prejudice on him. Jackson even had a conversing a part of his personal within the sturdy previous Boys with Tommy Lee Jones. however the position that Jackson has regularly performed the simplest is that of the guy who wears the silver badge minimize from a Mexican cinco peso coin--a operating Texas Ranger.

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The major earthquake of 1605 occurred in the junction of this intersection. Late Pleistocene volcanic activity also occurred at this fault junction, and as a result, a series of northwest-trending volcanic craters was formed. A study of the Cenozoic basalts in eastern China showed that the Pleistocene alkalic basalts from northern Hainan Island and other alkalic basalt from eastern China usually are found near the deep faults and probably are derived from a depth of 50-70 km. Large volumes of Pleistocene basalt covered most of the Leizhou Peninsula (Fig.

Discoveries at structure " B " commonly associated with the Thai Basin, are discussed below in connection with the Malay Basin. The Erawan (ex-"A") structure is an elongate anticline feature in the southern part of the Pattani Trough with several gas condensate reservoirs at depths between 1525 and 2650 m. The quantity of condensate increases with depth but averages 30 barrels per million cubic feet of gas. Carbon dioxide content ranges as high as 18%. As of February 1979, 7 wells capable of production had been drilled.

1. Locations of the Gulf of Tonkin and vicinity. tThis paper is also Hawaii Institute of Geophysics Contribution No. 1154. 1099 POW-FOONG FAN 1100 GEOLOGY The outcrops of the rock types in the Gulf OF Tonkin range in age from Paleozoic to Recent (Fig. 2). Cambrian outcrops are present on Hainan Island, and Cambrian and Silurian outcrops occur in northern Vietnam. Silurian outcrops are also present along the coast of Guangxi Province. Devonian-Carboniferous rocks are present in Hainan Island, Guangxi Province and northern Vietnam.

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