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By R. L. Stevenson

Catriona is a stirring story of affection, risk, and political intrigue set amidst the stately grandeur of outdated Edinburgh. David Balfour is an orphaned younger gentleman who has lately controlled to assert his inheritance from a miserly (and murderous) uncle. Now he and his buddies James Stewart and Alan Breck are implicated in a sensational killing, and David needs to struggle to transparent their names. within the procedure he meets the gorgeous and bold Catriona MacGregor Drummond, and unearths that not anything will ever be a similar back. Interwoven with real-life humans and occasions, this sequel to the immensely renowned abducted used to be thought of through Robert Louis Stevenson to be one in every of his top works.

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I told him it was, not very kindly, for his manner was scant civil. " "I am afraid you do not like my name, sir," says I, annoyed with myself to be annoyed with such a rustical fellow. " "I would not advise you to make a practice of that, sir," says I. " said he. I asked him what he could possibly mean, and he answered, with a heckling laugh, that he thought I must have found the poker in the same place and swallowed it. There could be no mistake about this, and my cheek burned. " He took me by the sleeve with a nod and a wink and led me quietly outside Hope Park.

It would have been easy to have spoken smooth, easy to lie to you; can you not think how I was tempted to the same? " "I think here is a great deal of work, Mr. Balfour," said she. " I pleaded, "I cannae bear it else. The whole world is clanned against me. How am I to go through with my dreadful fate? If there's to be none to believe in me I cannot do it. " She had still looked straight in front of her, head in air; but at my words or the tone of my voice she came to a stop. " she asked. " "It is my testimony which may save an innocent life," said I, "and they will not suffer me to bear it.

It's possible ye may come here for what ye say, and it's equally possible ye may come here for deil care what! I'm good enough Whig to sit quiet, and to have keepit all my men-folk's heads upon their shoulders. But I'm not just a good enough Whig to be made a fool of neither. And I tell you fairly, there's too much Advocate's door and Advocate's window here for a man that comes taigling after a Macgregor's daughter. Ye can tell that to the Advocate that sent ye, with my fond love. And I kiss my loof to ye, Mr.

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