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In the course of the 1790s and 1800s, cultural critics turned confident that Britain used to be being "inundated" by means of pernicious literary translations imported from the ecu Continent. British Romanticism and Continental affects discusses Romantic writers' complicated and ambivalent responses to this threatening literary invasion. faced with international texts that appeared either appealing and repulsive, Mortensen argues, Romantic writers similar to Wordsworth and Coleridge publicly distanced themselves from ecu sensationalism, whilst they assimilated and revised its conventions of their personal writing.

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Bürger substantially affected the development of Romantic ballad-poetry in Britain. When introduced in 1796, Bürger’s supernatural tales immediately struck a chord with English and Scottish readers. 1 In a contemporary letter to Coleridge, Charles Lamb must resort to a hieroglyphic code when trying to communicate the tumultuous sensations he has received during his reading of Bürger: ‘Have you read the ballad called “Leonora”, in the second number of the “Monthly Magazine”? 3 Scott, in turn, began his career by translating Bürger’s poems, and many other hopeful writers imitated them.

22 The final number of the weekly Anti-Jacobin appeared on 9 July 1798, featuring Canning’s celebrated poem ‘The New Morality’. Before the end of the month appeared the first issue of its follower, the monthly Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine. Edited by the government hireling J. R. Greene (alias John Gifford), the later version of the Anti-Jacobin cannot match the brilliance of its predecessor, yet the journal is nevertheless in some ways more typical of British periodical reviewing in the late 1790s and early 1800s, and it is here that one must search for examples of the full-fledged Europhobic style.

13 Whereas French republicanism 24 British Romanticism and Continental Influences and Bonapartism constitute well-established and strictly localized threats, Bavarian-based Illuminism presents a much more diffuse and almost unfathomable, pan-European enemy. ‘Germany’, in Barruel and Robison’s Europhobic exposés, names a national entity that strictly speaking does not exist, and in any case the primary Illuminists are itinerant scholars ceaselessly on the move from one place to the next and constantly dispatching texts to each other across national borders.

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