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Just one series of examples may suffice. In 1993 Sweden purchased some 800 former East German MT-LB carriers (at a very favourable price). Some of these wl be modernised, with about 200 being stripped down for spares. Once updated these will be used by the Swedish Army as command vehicles, load carriers, and to carry mortars and other weapons. Swedish expertise has also been employed to mount a 40 mm Bofors Gun turret on a Polish licence-produced MT-LB chassis, possibly for Polish Army service.

At one time SKOT APCs were often deployed carrying ATGW but this is new rarely seen. 62 mm MG Variants: SKOT, SKOT-2, SKOT-2A, SKOT-2AP - also, see text The large and bulky SKOT (OT-64) APC, seen here in Czech Army service. Fahd APC The Fahd wheeled APC was developed in response to an Egyptian Army requirement by Thyssen Henschel of Germany with the prototypes being manufactured in Germany. Thereafter production switched to state-owned factories in Egypt, from 1985 onwards, where the Fahd gradually replaced a whole host of older APC types in service, The Fahd is essentially a box-type armoured steel body built onto the chassis of a Mercedes-Benz 1117/32 4 x 4 truck, with extensive use being made of readily available commercial components, where possible.

7 mm MG turret. The Finnish Army operates a small number of XA-180s fitted with folding hydraulic masts which lift air defence radar scanners above the tree line to provide an all-round search pattern, Another variant, the XA-181, has been converted to carry the Crotale air defence missile system - the Finnish Army has about 20 of these. 7 mm MG Variants: XA-181, XA-185, XA-186 -also, see text The SISUXA-180, Finland's own wheeled APC. AMX-10PIFV The AMX-10P tracked APC was developed for the French Army from 1965 onwards and has since been widely exported; production commenced in 1972.

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