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Leave the Glycerin right where it is for now. I have installed a metal tap at the bottom of my 55 gallon drum to drain the glycerin off. Use an inline or funnel style filter on the pump line to filter out any chunks of stuff before you put the Bio Diesel into your 5 gallon cans. You can of course pump the fuel into large tanks for convenient pumping into your vehicle later too. Try and design this set up to make everything as simple and convenient as possible. Remember to think about what your end use will be.

You will have to make precise calculations and measurements to successfully turn used veggie oil and the added ingredients into Bio Diesel. I show you the right proportions in the following section. If you use too much lye you will end up with a big batch of soap, and if you don’t use enough you are left with inferior Bio Diesel with too much glycerin in it. Just be careful with your measuring. When done properly you will end up with B100, or pure Bio Diesel and a bit of crude glycerin left over.

Repeat the PH test until you get the PH reading right. Here is how you get the right mixture. We have to convert the gallons to liters first because all of the measuring devices measure in grams or metric measurement. 7 liters. 95 grams of lye for my batch. That measurement would hold true if I were using fresh oil, but since you are using free used oil you will need a bit more. 95 grams that is for sure. Some oil you get will be overcooked and have high free fatty acid content. If you have a supplier that cooks the oil to the max then you should maybe mix that oil with that of another supplier.

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