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By Kat Martin

They have been enemies in a divided land...
In Bold Angel by Kat Martin, Saxon attractiveness Caryn of Ivesham longed to flee the chilliness grey cloisters of the convent to which she'd fled―but now not in marriage to the towering, feared Raolfe de Gere, the Norman knight they referred to as Ral the Relentless. even supposing he had as soon as kept her from a destiny worse than demise, she couldn't omit he'd raised the bleak battlements of Braxston carry on her useless father's lands or that his males had dishonored her sister. If she wed him to convey peace to her humans, he must lay siege to her bed.

Will their love triumph over all―or spoil them both?
The darkly good-looking warlord's blood coursed with hope for Caryn's burnished pink lips, and his ardour wouldn't be denied. yet within the wild ecstasy they shared, Ral feared greater than his center was once at risk. may his rebellious bride be a traitor deadlier than the wolves and brigands prowling deep in English forests?

"An very good medieval romance...Readers won't merely love this novel, yet clamor for a sequel." ―Affaire de Coeur

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I am in need of the garderobe. " " 'Twas a long ride, sir. Your needs were met along the way. " He grumbled something crude, then jerked her up from the bench. " He grinned and she noticed a missing tooth. "In truth it might be best we leave the others. " Sweet Mother Mary, what have I done? Before she could think how to dissuade him, he was leading her off through a passage behind the wall, Caryn stumbling along in his wake. Behind her the men's coarse laughter and the women's tearful pleading made her stomach clench into a hard tight ball.

Foul deeds were committed by both sides. 'Twas done in the name of war. " "You are Norman. Time will not lessen the hatred I feel for you. Think you I did not see what happened here this eve? My friends were beaten, assaulted. " "You speak of Malvern's deeds not mine. Could I have helped them, I would have. " "Why? " "I fear the king. William is my liege lord. I have vowed to do as he bids. " "Malvern controls vast fortunes. His father is one of William's closest friends. " He took an ominous step in her direction.

This from Odo, his most trusted knight and longtime friend, who rode up beside him. lance in hand. " Ral asked. " The red-haired knight merely nodded. "They bring tales of a rebel force fleeing toward de Montreale's men. " The rivalry between Ral and Stephen de Montreale, Lord of Malvern Castle, was legend, an enmity carried down even through the ranks of the men in their command. " Odo pointed in the direction Ral had just come. He thought of the two little maids and an uneasy shiver slid down his spine.

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