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By Valerie Hansen

Benefits of the HeartThe Arkansas hills signify peace and quiet for Brianna Walker. Then a stormy evening brings Mitch Fowler and his rowdy sons to her doorstep. but when Mitch can persuade Bree to tackle a ready-made relatives, the typhoon can be the reply to everyone's prayers.Samantha's GiftRomance is the very last thing instructor Rachel Woodward wishes. All she wishes is to take care of the orphaned lady in her category. nonetheless, with good-looking advice counselor Sean Bates stepping in as father determine for little Samantha, Rachel may perhaps locate love the place she least expects it.

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I spent every cent I could lay my hands on to hire private detectives. ” “We moved a lot,” the boy replied, eyes downcast. “It’s okay. I won’t bug you about it,” Mitch promised. ” “Yeah. ” Mitch would have pursued the subject if there hadn’t been a strange scratching noise at the door. He immediately assumed it was a marauding raccoon or possum, but before he had time to warn the boys, Bud had run to the door and thrown it wide open. ” Mitch started to shout, then stopped, startled, when he realized their visitor was a puppy.

What a nightmare! Bree shivered. As far as she was concerned, the man might as well have confessed to being in league with the devil himself! By the time Mitch got to his cabin, he’d managed to spill half the contents of the bucket. Considering the rough, overgrown terrain he’d had to cover on his trek down the hill he was surprised to have salvaged that much. As he approached the cabin, he could hear shouts and squeals of laughter. That might not be a good sign but at least it proved the boys hadn’t mutinied and wandered off in his absence.

He prayed a silent thanks to his heavenly Father, then added a fervent, soul-deep plea for further help, just as he had every single day and night his sons had been missing. Nothing like a disaster to bring out the spiritual side of a man, was there? Well, at least something good had come out of that time of horrible worry and loneliness. Mitch’s hands clenched the wheel. The heavy vehicle slipped and slid in and out of ruts as it inched backward out of the valley. Even if there had been room to turn the car around, he wouldn’t have tried the maneuver in this weather.

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