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By G. Kreysa, Rudiger Marquardt

This ebook forecasts attainable purposes of biotechnology from now to 2020. The forecasts are in response to the present country of medical wisdom and describe hugely most probably advancements. The shift in the direction of a ecu knowledge-based bio-economy is determined by the facility to control organic assets in a sustainable demeanour, and to use the advances in microbial, plant and animal biotechnologies to create new, eco-efficient and aggressive services and products.

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Ion Movement Ions are electrically charged molecules. Ion movement can be driven electrically, chemically or thermally. Integrins Family of receptor proteins attached to the cell membrane. They interact with proteins in the extracellular matrix and are therefore also described as substrate adhesion molecules. Ligand Molecule which attaches to another molecule, typically a receptor. Receptor Molecule capable of attaching one or more ligands. This process often alters the structure of the receptor and triggers a specific function, for example activating a chain of signals.

Spiral ganglion cells Specialised nerve cells in the cochlea responsible for transmitting sound signals that have been converted into nerve impulses to the brain. 30 BIOTECHNOLOGY 2020 regular ordering of the axons. These factors are so fundamental and important that they have remained unchanged over 600 million years of evolution and control nerve growth from insects to mammals. This shows how studies on flies can reveal simple molecular mechanisms that are similar or identical to those in man.

Other nerve cells. These in Berlin compared Subjects different compare area is p in a con T512673CEE 15/12/05 11:06 Page 31 FINDING THE RIGHT NERVE? two groups of subjects: one group had acquired a second language as young children (early learners); the second consisted of people who had learnt their second language as adults (late learners). Grammar tests showed a similar command of both languages in the two groups. However the brain regions activated during the grammar tests were different. This can be seen in the image below: late learners show stronger activity than early learners in a number of areas of the brain.

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