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By Karl Schügerl

This quantity covers tracking of the biotechnological technique with subtle analytical innovations, use of the ensuing information via mathematical versions, and computer-aided keep an eye on for development of the productiveness of biotechnological tactics. The publication includes 4 major components: tools for research and biosensoring, measuring ideas, procedure types and their automation and keep an eye on. using varied telephone varieties, recombinant microorganisms, and reactor stipulations are offered and all current options of tracking and optimizing mobile development and product formation are mentioned in regards to more suitable productiveness. issues incorporated are: tools and tools/ Biosensors/ Characterization of Bioreactors/ selection of mobilephone focus/ mobilephone versions/ Stirred Tank types/ Tower Reactor versions/ method types/ regulate of Bioreactor structures/ Automation/ regulate of Downstream Processing

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Performance of Measurement and Control Instrumentation in a 1 m3 Pilot Plant Bioreactor (FLYNN, 1982) Accuracy Precision (stand. 08 PH Measurement Control f O . 02 L/m Notes: W, weekly; H, hourly; R, per run, which relates to the frequency with which the measuring instruments are recalibrated 22 1 Common Instruments for Process Analysis and Control 6 Future Developments a b c d In this chapter, only H +-selective electrodes are considered. 3 -log [ I M ] zF where (46) f e z is the valence of the measured ion and IM the concentration of the measured ion in the broth.

INGOLDIV, Brochure IV: Sterilizable CO, Probe. Dr. W. Ingold AG, Urdorf, Switzerland. JOERGENSEN, H . (1941), Studies on the Nature o j Bromate effect. Thesis, Copenhagen, Munksgaard. , ALAYI, 0. (1985), On-line rheometer for fermentation liquids, Biotechnol. Lett. 7, 803-808. KING, R. , CONSTANTINIDES, A. (1974), Special optimal control of batch fermentor, Int. J. Control 20, 869-879. KJAERGAARD,L. (1977), The redox potential: Its use and control in biotechnology, Adv. Biochem. Eng. 7, 131-150.

1) carrier-PVC-membrane, (2) Pt-wire, (3) acryl/glass mantle, (4) PTFE-insulated, silver-coated Cu-wire, ( 5 ) PTFE or acryl glass. (f) Coated glass electrode. , Ag/AgCl/ Harvard cement, (6) non-specific glass shaft, (7) acryl glass or PTFE. (9) Disc electrode with O2 reaction barrier. (1) carrier-PVC-membrane, (2) Ag/AgCl (melt), (3) Ptwire, (4) acryl glass mantle, ( 5 ) PTFE-insulated, silver-coated Cu-wire, (6) PTFE or acryl glass with Ag/AgCl/Pt-solid contact. References 7 References ANDREW,W.

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