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This publication covers the most facets of organic rhythms. It specializes in the evolution and simple good points of the biorhythms in organisms, offers with the circadian approach on the genetic, molecular and mobile degrees, and describes the mechanisms all for the conception and lightweight entrainment of the organic clock in vertebrates and invertebrates. an important beneficial properties of the organic clock are summarized at the point of entire organisms, from fish to mammals, and long term (seasonal) rhythms in vegetation and better vertebrates are mentioned. ultimately, the booklet concentrates on momentary rhythms, the importance of getting a organic clock process in animals dwelling in severe (Arctic) environments, and at the range of circadian responses to melatonin, one of many key endocrine components keen on the legislation of organic rhythms.

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Richter himself called special attention to this distribution, but had to conclude that "at present no explanation o/this finding suggests itself'. In interpreting such a bimodal distribution as support for Pittendrigh's conjecture on the benefit of having 't unequal to T, there are at least two caveats: We must be sure that the data do not reflect two subpopulations in the data. Richter (1968) remarked that the period tends "to be shorter than 24 hours in wild rats, longer than 24 hours in domesticated rats, particularly albinos".

More quintessential, however, is the general fact that the average r is not a fixed characteristic but is dependent on the specific experimental conditions in which it is measured. The atavism approach provides no argument as to why for instance r in DD should reflect its evolutionary history, and why r in LL shouldn't, or vice versa. In speculating on the possible adaptive meaning of r, we should focus on present day existence rather than on evolutionary history. Is the deviation of 1: from 24 hours adaptive ?

27: 329-335. D. kept in non-24-hour light-dark cycles. l Compo Physiol. 127: 191-195. , Hall, lC. (1991) Molecular transfer of a species-specific courtship behaviour from Drosophila simulans to Drosophila melanogaster. Science 251: lO82-1085. W. (1998) The molecular control of circadian behavioural rhythms and their entrainment in Drosophila. Annu. Rev. Biochem. 67: l35-152. Biological Rhythms Edited by V. Kumar Copyright © 2002, Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, India 3. Circadian Frequency and Its Variability s.

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