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By J. E. Williams

Each year, 36,000 americans die of the flu and a million die world wide. the potential for an excellent flu pandemic is scary. If not anyone has immunity, it might disguise the globe in 250 days and conceivably infect 20 percentage or extra of the world's inhabitants of 6.6 billion. The 1918 Spanish flu killed 675,000 american citizens and a minimum of 50 million all over the world. The dying toll from the poultry flu virus—with a 50% kill cost in adults and a daunting 89% in children—could succeed in an apocalyptic 360 million.Worse but, with out a vaccine (or sufficient supplies), and with no sufficient antiviral medicines, glossy drugs doesn"t have a selected, potent, and secure therapy for the flu.This nightmare situation won't occur, but when it does, it’s crucial that folks and households arm themselves with up to date info. Dr. J. E. Williams is an oriental and natural-medicine specialist who has used herbs and supplementations to regard influenza and different viruses for greater than twenty years. In Beating the Flu, he starts now not via telling you ways to regard the flu computer virus, yet how one can steer clear of it altogether via a mix of excellent hygiene and large meals that supply the short boosts your immune approach must chase away the virus. in case you get ill, Dr. Williams additionally bargains a "natural drugs cupboard” of supplements, herbs, and minerals that paintings top opposed to any type of flu—along with the scientific facts to again up the treatments.

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My immune system function is so high that if I am offered a vaccine, I plan to refuse it. I’m absolutely confident in my own body’s ability to fight off even highly infectious diseases, and I would rather that vaccine shot go to someone else who doesn’t have the advantage of consuming superfoods and following a strategy of outstanding nutrition and lifestyle changes that I have been pursuing for several years. It doesn’t mean I won’t catch the virus, nor that I won’t spend several days in bed overcoming it, but when a strong immune system is combined with selected vitamins and herbs, as well as plenty of sleep and a lack of stress, the human body is capable of overcoming practically any disease.

D. ” Squalene • Donald R. Yance Jr – “Squalene possesses antiviral as well as anticancer activity. com for free updates to this report and other health-related ebooks. Beat the Bird Flu Virus Summary of Top Items Foods: Vitamins: Garlic Spirulina Shiitake mushrooms Ginger Aloe vera Cruciferous vegetables Onion Berries Vitamin C Vitamin A Vitamin E Minerals: Zinc Selenium Herbs: Echinacea Olive leaves Astragalus Mints St. com for free updates to this report and other health-related ebooks. Beat the Bird Flu Virus Why the World Isn’t Ready for the Coming Influenza Pandemic, World Health Organization Warns A global influenza pandemic isn’t something that most people think about on a day-to-day basis.

Your best defense, in fact, is your own immune system. And by boosting your immune system function, you greatly increase your defense against any infectious disease, including the next global pandemic viral strain. It doesn’t mean that having a strong immune system will absolutely guarantee your survival, but remember that in every outbreak, there are people who survived the disease and people who don’t. By and large, it is those with strong immune systems who are these survivors. So how do you boost your immune system function and survived the coming flu pandemic?

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